The Warning Signs

Abuse comes with many warning signs: blame for everything that goes wrong, the subtle denial of their wrongdoings in everyday conversations, and the clenched jaw when you ask for a favor. Many of these you think are just personality quirks, or that if you could just do something right for once that things would be better.... Continue Reading →

Radiance of Mind

Today I cried in front of someone I barely knew. Today I grew as a person and allowed myself to feel my emotions in the moment. Today I felt the radiating feeling of depression in my chest and as it flooded out of me, I became a sailor on in a distressed sea. But today you... Continue Reading →

Body of Toxins

One of the hardest parts of moving on from years of abuse is cleaning up all the toxins picked up from those closest to you. Undoing years of habits and coping mechanisms take someone who actively wants change, which can be empowering and exhausting. One of the biggest problems with trying to become a better... Continue Reading →

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