Radiance of Mind


Today I cried in front of someone I barely knew. Today I grew as a person and allowed myself to feel my emotions in the moment.

Today I felt the radiating feeling of depression in my chest and as it flooded out of me, I became a sailor on in a distressed sea.

But today you were there to comfort me and your honesty brought my legs back to land. The warmth that radiated from your heart reminded me that I am not alone in this bleak mental chamber. The way you welcomed me with open arms and allowed me into your world reminded me of the person that I hope to become. The wisdom that radiated from your lips as I breathed in your words that danced in my mind ignited a will to continue in the fight against my demons.

Your radiance released my mind of the solstice that kept me at war with the twilight, filling my chest with confidence and my mind with rapture.

via Daily Prompt: Radiant