About Me

Welcome to my personal website.

I’ve filled many different shoes- from marketing intern to research assistant- and wanted to create a space of my own to share the different things I’ve learned along the way.

Who am I?

My name is Ashley and I’m currently a senior in high school.

I’m a first-generation college student and I’m attending the University of New Orleans. Currently, though, I work in the psychology department at the SCAN Lab (I also did the website for them). I started in June and was gladly reinvited to continue research into functional neuro-correlates of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome in multiple object tracking.

I will be attending the University of Notre Dame in fall 2018 as a Posse scholar.

Beyond my studies, I spend a lot of time with my fur babies: Kia, Ivy, and GuineaPig:



I also have my boyfriend who enjoys editing and runs his own Youtube channel.




Welcome, and safe journeys ahead, friend.







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